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Startti Plus 2.0

Startti Plus is a free expert service provided to Uusimaa's TE Office customers who have received an entrepreneur’s start-up grant. The service provides coaching to improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing skills and a written plan to develop your business. In addition, according to your individual needs, you can get up to four further appointments to develop your sales and marketing skills.

The service is provided by the TE Office’s contract partners, from which you can choose your preferred supplier. For more information on how to apply for the Startti Plus service, please email the Uusimaa TE office at

Arvoverkko Oy


Kristian Karimo

Kristian is a change management specialist and a certified specialist at Uusimaa ELY Center. He has been a management consultant since 1997. Kristian's goal is to help other people and organizations succeed.


Arvoverkko Oy

Arvoverkko Oy offers expert business development services specializing in change management, to companies seeking growth and profitability.



Our aim is to support our client companies in creating a successful strategy, achieving profit and set development targets.



Arvoverkko Oy's service resources are utilized flexibly to meet customer needs. Arvoverkko Oy's operations are based on 100% trust and customer satisfaction.

Our solution


Development service for assessing entrepreneurial abilities and business conditions.

For whom?

The goal of the service is to provide the new entrepreneur with the capability for business profitability and growth. The TE Office can make use of the evaluations and plans made in the service to support the start-up money decision and / or the start-up decision of the start-up money that started with the unemployment benefit.


  • Implemented as an interactive work between a specialist and an entrepreneur
  • Quality assurance with more than 20 years of experience in certified business development for business and expert support for service delivery
  • For more information: Arvoverkko Oy,
  • Certificates for:
    • Analysis
    • Growth and renewal
    • Leadership and staff
    • Startti plus 2.0.

Why Arvoverkko?

We have over 20 years of experience in business development.
Our business is based on 100% trust and customer satisfaction.
Our multidisciplinary, strong network consists of experienced experts.


The Service Provider evaluates the customer's entrepreneurial skills by focusing on sales and marketing skills and through the assignment:

  • General information
  • Company status; Mission, vision for 3-5 years, goal-oriented values, critical business success factors
  • Financial objectives, customer goals, internal goals, personnel goals
  • Corporate market, growth prospects and customer acquisition plan
  • Sales plans and calculations
  • Profitability and pricing of sales
  • Marketing plan
  • Prerequisites and opportunities for profitable growth of the company;
    • Services / products
    • Customers, marketing and sales and competitors
    • Information systems
    • Leadership and competence
    • Networking
  • SWOT in relation to the development goal.

The Service Provider prepares and submits a development plan that includes recommendations for developing customer acquisition, sales and marketing, and identifies the measures required for profitable growth to the customer.

The goal is that the four possible follow-up meetings will highlight and support solutions and help the customer focus their resources on the right things and then take things right.

If necessary, we help the customer in the long run and guide him to the best possible partners, both financially and operationally. We also help with public-private financing arrangements, as well as applying for Business Finland, Finnvera and ELY funding.


Arvoverkko Oy 
Vuorilinnakkeentie 1 A,
00430 Helsinki

Kristian Karimo
+358 40 550 1415